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What is common to mothers, irrespective of geography or demography? The need to give the best to their children. Food is at the core of this need because it is an extension of a mother’s love.Every mother wants to give her kids food that is not just healthy, but equally tasty so that the child eats it happily. But often, health and taste operate at opposite ends of the spectrum, forcing her to choose one over the other.PureHeart Choco Mixed Nut Nutspread resolves this dilemma of mothers. It is a unique product in the Spreads category with a 3-in-1 blend of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts paired with rich chocolate. The balance of the nuts offers a rich, nuanced palate with the nutrient benefits of each of the nuts, thus living the brand promise of POWER OF NUTS.It has also 30% more nuts than leading chocolate-based spreads, making it far more nutrient-rich. The product is ambient stable with a long shelf-life of 12 months. It is packed in new, specially designed, attractive kitchen-cabinet-friendly 100g and 192g jars with strong shelf presence.PureHeart Choco Mixed Nut Nutspread, was launched in December 2018 in Kerala, India, with endearing print and television campaigns and eye-catching in-shop collaterals. The communication explains how the unique combination of more nuts and chocolate delivers taste and energy in appealing slice-of-life situations. The product has become the #2 brand in its category in Kerala within the first quarter of its launch.The PureHeart portfolio includes 5 other Nutspreads and also a range of nuts sold as PureHeart Nutreats.This product comes from Western India Cashew Company, India’s top exporter of value-added cashew products and a third-generation family business in edible nuts since 1932. WICC is GFSI and ETI certified and supplies cashew and almond products to leading food manufacturers and retailers.

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