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During the gas and no-gas deo war of 2013, deodorant brands would do anything and everything to woo the customer. Some claimed to turn awkward underdogs into chick magnets, some promised 800 sprays, even a thousand. But for Layer'r Shot we decided to keep it real. We drew inspiration from the product packaging. As India's first body mist brand Layer'r Shot was the only brand at the time that came in transparent  bottles. Unlike other brands that claimed more number of sprays or no gas, Layer'r Shot's see-through bottle allowed customers to see and decide for themselves. 

When the campaign 'clear fragrance aur kuch nahin' was launched, it urged customers to choose a fragrance not because it made one a hero or because it had no gas but because it had the one thing it was supposed to have: great-smelling, long lasting fragrance. 

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