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Flingo- It takes two


More than 4 generations of Indians have grown up on Vadilal ice creams and have a strong emotional bond with the brand. But the Indian youth didn’t connect with it in quite the same way. In 2016, when the brand sought to build a relationship with Indian millennials we realized that unlike their parents, the youth don’t wait for weekends or special occasions to celebrate and have fun. They create occasions to enjoy themselves and indulge whenever they get a chance. This insight was also the key to changing the costumers' summer-only consumption pattern.

In a market where chocolate was quickly becoming the new mithai, the new snack and the new breakfast; it was about time ice cream got its fair share of the all-reason, all-season pie. Vadilal decided to change the way Indian millennials perceived and consumed ice cream.


'THE BEST PART OF EVERYDAY' was launched with 3 films featuring actress Parineeti Chopra. The campaign was about enjoying yourself when you want (at college, after work, at a party), how you want (cones, bars, tubs, you name it), where you want (at your neighbourhood Vadilal Hangout or Scoopshop) and at a price you can afford.  It aligned perfectly with Vadilal’s product, price and place strategy. 

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